Brief history...
Ukrainian vyshyvanka is not only a national symbol of the country but also a real piece of art. The story of vyshyvanka goes back centuries, but no one knows exactly when the first one appeared. It is a traditional item of clothing, usually a shirt or a blouse, made from linen and decorated with embroidered patterns. Ukrainian vyshyvanka has long played the role of a talisman against the dark forces. It was believed that the embroidery on the chest protects the human soul from destruction, decay and dying. Embroidery on the shoulders, especially in menswear, empower and defend against enemies. Besides being good clothes, vyshyvanka is also in high trends now. Both Ukrainian designers and world famous couturier use elements of embroidery in their collections. So be sure, by wearing this “old tradition” you will be in trend without any doubts.

All of the images the designs can be custom made to any dress length, a blouse, and or romper, short jumpsuit, and full length jumpsuit. Fabric and embroidery combinations can also be changed to your preference.




sophia demirtas of Fanm Mon


Fanm Mon was launched in 2013 as an ode to our Haitian heritage and the magic and enchantment of Haitian couture. Over the years, we've embraced the artisanal techniques of Ukraine, where we were once based, and Turkey, where we've now made a new home. Today, a potpourri of delightful colors, unique motifs, fairytale silhouettes and extraordinary craftsmanship have become hallmarks of our brand. Through our collections, we celebrate the bounty of nature and the beauty of the human spirit. Our hope is that we can connect with our community in meaningful ways to nurture beauty from the inside out.


We are always conscious of why and how we create. Through thoughtful production methods, we reduce our environmental footprint by making our pieces to order so that we reduce excess; by recycling materials and repurposing unused fabrics; and by giving excess fabric to other fabric producers so that we create cycles of better habits.

Sophia Demirtas of Fanm Mon